What we do

Our project activities include:

Human Rights Education and Training
The ALN facilitates 1- and 2-day workshops on various issues pertaining to:

  • Human Rights & HIV and AIDS
  • HIV Related stigma and discrimination
  • Stigma in the context of HIV Testing and Disclosure
  • Gender & HIV and AIDS
  • HIV and AIDS & the Law
  • Gender Violence & HIV and AIDS
  • Sex, Sexuality & HIV and AIDS

We also provide Train-the-Trainer Workshops and Paralegal Training.

All our education and training aims at building capacity and broadening the awareness and understanding of HIV and AIDS as a human rights issue. The workshops are interactive, participatory and human rights-based in their approach and facilitation.

Train-the-Trainer Workshop
This 3-day workshop is aimed at building capacity amongst trainers on specific issues pertaining to a human rights-based response to various HIV and AIDS realities and challenges.

Paralegal Training
This 3 to 5 day training aims at building capacity amongst paralegals pertaining to specific legal and ethical challenges within the context of the HIV and AIDS pandemic.

For more information on human rights training and education, please contact us at alncpt@aln.org.za.

Our networking activities aim at providing a platform for sharing experiences, information and resources on HIV and AIDS and human rights amongst all relevant stakeholders, including civil society, academia, governmental structures and service providers, as well as individuals and networks.

The ALN facilitates Provincial Meetings aimed at raising awareness, as well as developing and enhancing capacity amongst civil society pertaining to the realities and challenges of HIV and AIDS, so as to ensure and facilitate a human rights-based response.

We are also hosting and facilitating Public Debates in Cape Town. The purpose of these debates is to provide a platform to discuss various factors determining HIV and AIDS realities and to collectively identify mechanisms of how to address and respond to these challenges.

Information Disseminations
The ALN engages in a number of activities aimed at disseminating information about the promotion, protection and realisation of the rights of people living with, and affected by, HIV and AIDS.

The ALN produces and distributes various publications, such as our newsletter, ALQ, resources and training manuals and numerous pamphlets and information materials.

Campaign and Awareness Raising
The ALN aims to promote behavioural change and to address discrimination ensuring the dignity of people living with, and affected by, HIV and AIDS through various activities, including the participation in Public Campaigns and coordinating ALN Campaigns.

ALN Campaigns originate from workshops facilitated by the ALN in various communities across the country, as well as from debates and discussions, seminars and provincial meetings amongst our networking and social partners.

Lobbying and Advocacy
The ALN seeks to ensure a more adequate response amongst policy makers and social partners to the rights and needs of people infected with, and affected by HIV and AIDS.

Part of the ALN advocacy and lobbying activities includes the development, production and distribution of publications, such as Learners are Positive, a compilation of young people’s views on, and opinions of HIV and AIDS realities and challenges.

In October 2003, the ALN embarked on a project aimed at promoting the International Guidelines on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights as an advocacy tool to facilitate a more effective rights-based response to HIV and AIDS in South Africa, and to assess levels of implementation of the Guidelines in the South African context. Read more

Legal Advice Desk
Monitoring and responding to the infringement and violation of human rights is an integral part of the AIDS Legal Network (ALN).

To report discrimination and violation of rights and/or to seek advice please contact our Legal Advice Desk.