Special ALQ/Mujeres Adelante Edition -- June 2012

Moving towards the International AIDS Conference in Washington, DC, in July 2012, this special ‘pre-conference’ edition of the ALQ/Mujeres Adelante on women’s rights and HIV portrays some of the realities, risks and needs of women and girls in various contexts and locations.

The various articles explore the extent to which progress has been made in ‘realising’ women’s rights in the context of and in the response to HIV, with a particular focus on accessing services and programmes; and highlight the many challenges women face when claiming their rights and accessing services. Some of the issues discussed include the need for ethical policy and programme development when addressing the intersection of violence against women and HIV; the opportunities and implications of the healthcare reform in the U.S. for women living with HIV; the effects of patriarchy and gender inequality on HIV testing and disclosure in South Africa; positive women’s experiences of accessing reproductive and maternal health services in six Asian countries; and the need for effective HIV responses to the realities and needs of key affected women and girls in Asia and the Pacific. This edition also provides an overview of women’s realities versus rights in the context of women and HIV in Africa, and explores the ‘threats’ to achieving women’s health and rights in times of economic austerity.

The various realities portrayed in the articles, although diverse in their contexts and locations, seem to all underscore the persistence of human rights abuses and violations based on and in the context of HIV, as well as the apparent ‘inability’ to translate the commitments to promote and protect human rights in the response to women and HIV into ‘lived experiences and realities’ of women and girls. Similarly, despite the variety of women’s realities presented in these articles, the common ‘picture’ seems to be that without addressing and transforming societal contexts and environments creating and manifesting women’s greater risks and vulnerabilities to HIV and related rights abuses, women across the globe will continue to be the ‘target’ of stigma, discrimination, violence and other rights violations, despite the many commitments and declarations to protect and advance women’s rights in the context of, and in the response to, HIV. Given these seemingly never-changing realities for women and girls, it is indeed high time for Turning the Tide!

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Last Updated: 6/1/2013